In My Bag

November 17, 2009


I love big purses, because while they are super cute, they also hold some of the most random stuff. I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile now and when Chloé did it the other week I knew I had to also! So, for all those other nosy people out there, take a look in my bag:
  • Coach purse {from the outlets},
  • my iPhone graduation gift, Michael Kors wallet {also from the outlets!}
  • Organic Hojicha Green Tea for an extra boost at work
  • mint/chocolate candy from a restaurant
  • bandaids because I always get blisters 
  • Southwest peanuts from one of my many trips to visit Matthew this summer
  • silver bracelet 
  • bobby pins for my unruly hair
  • my yellow MJ keychain with a little tag Matthew made me when he gave me a set of keys to his apt. that says M+M= <3
  • Nivea Cherry Tinted Lib Baum {it’s the best because it makes your lips a pretty color while moisturizing them}
Again, sorry, until I replace my camera the iPhone pictures will have to do.
What’s in your purse??