the trick to losing the holiday weight

November 30, 2009


Hang out with silly and adorable cousins!
My sweet little cousin Emma is just the funniest girl. She made me laugh so hard on Thanksgiving my abs actually hurt! She’s 6 years old but has the spunk of a 12 year old! We colored, played house {and school}, took pictures of each others funny faces and sneaked M&Ms from “the grown ups.” Thank goodness I’m not considered one least not by her!
It’s so good to be back in LA although I do miss beautiful Northern California. We spent the weekend in San Francisco celebrating my Dad’s birthday and I took so many pretty pictures on Matthew’s camera {if I do say so myself!}. I’m sure I’ll be sharing them with you all week! The ONLY thing I don’t like being away for Thanksgiving at home is not having leftovers..sigh it’s just not the same!

Also, good news: ordered my new camera on Friday so I should have it by tomorrow !! Happy happy Monday!
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