show and tell: christmas

December 28, 2009


I had such a lovely little Christmas with my family. We had family friends over for a Christmas dinner. It was all vegetarian {and delicious!}. We talked about some current events {Woods to Murphy}, how I was kinda hoping for a puppy under the tree {even though apparently Christmas is the worst time because of over-breeding}, and how my family is getting hooked on Dexter. We started Season 1 last week and are now 2 episodes shy of finishing Season 2. Sadly we missed out on some crucial Christmas movies this year because of that loveable serial killer!

Matthew and I had a budget for Christmas presents this year..but I think I was the only one who stuck to it! He gave me this beautiful vintage silver cuff, a pretty ring, and a GPS for my car. I was really excited. I’ll take some pictures this week of the jewelry actually on!

For him, I framed these two illustrations of San Francisco {one of the Bay Bridge from Berkeley to SF–like all our dates! and the second of Alamo Square, where the Full House house is–I think we had our first real kiss there!}. I also made him a hook for his keys. I bought a letter G {for his last name}, painted it a dark red and put 3 gold hooks in. Because I thought these might not be the most exciting things I got him a shirt from Urban. Hopefully he liked it!

I hope all of you had a magical little Christmas! I’m taking the week off.. so excited!

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