Top Chef’s Top Chef

December 10, 2009


One of the things my Dad and I love to do is watch food shows- we love the Food Network and, of course, Bravo’s Top Chef. My dad is crazy in the kitchen. I swear to you he would beat out every contestant. He got his first set of professional knives when he was 8 years old and I’ve grown up having the most amazing gourmet meals! So it’s always so fun to watch these shows with him because it’s his favorite thing.
Last night Michael Voltaggio won the title of Top Chef and it was so exciting. Not only because he was going head-to-head against his older brother but because I met him on the first day of my internship with the magazine. We went to his restaurant and had a photo shoot, while my boss, the editor, interviewed him. I think the season was already a couple episodes in so I already knew who he was and it was so fun to spend the afternoon with him and even try some of his desserts made with liquid nitrogen {amazing by the way}.  He’s very creative and makes some of the most interesting flavor and texture combinations. He’s a really funny guy and yet is so passionate about cooking.  I was excited for him when he won! Did any of you watch it? Were you glad he won or did you prefer his older brother Bryan or the Kevin from Georgia?
{photo of Michael from the Langham}
Tonight Hanna is coming over for dinner and then we’re making dessert! I’m still trying to figure out what would be relatively easy and not too time consuming. Any suggestions?
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