January 8, 2010


Happy Friday lovelies!

I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend. For one, I can’t wait to sleep in! I’ve had such a difficult time getting up this week. My alarm goes off and I end up hitting snooze at least twice and then I end up having to rush around like a man woman! And can you believe Christmas was two weeks ago?! So sad that the holidays are over!

I have some fun things planned this weekend though! Making dinner with Matthew at his place tomorrow night {thinking Mexican…red rice, black beans, guac, homemade chips, and the whole shabang!} and we also have a double date planned to see It’s Complicated. I heard it’s pretty cute!

I also have a little something planned for all of you on Monday! I’m surprised {and super honored} that I have 120 followers now. Seriously so crazy! I remember when there were just 5 of you {I could probably name them too!} I ♥ all of you so much and being in this blog community has definitely been one of the most wonderful things! So come back Monday for a surprise and have an absolutely amazing weekend!


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