Dear New York

February 1, 2010


Dear New York,
It’s been less than 24 hours since we were together and I miss you already.
Thank you for letting Matthew and I have 5 wonderful days in your big city.
I loved prancing along your streets, eating from your yummy restaurants, and shopping in your cute stores.
Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.. most of the time.
You provided such a romantic backdrop for boyfriend and me.
I’ll admit you were a little cold outside, but you still warmed my heart.
We both love you {I more than him}
I’ll enjoy reminiscing over you for the next few days
and I’ll be looking forward to when we can be reunited again!

Dear Los Angeles,
Don’t worry, I love you too. Of course, I’d love you a lot more if you let it rain more often!

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