look book: brocade skirt

February 24, 2010


Sometimes I’m just too busy to completely change outfits from day to night so I mix things up slightly. This is my “night version” of my outfit the other day {click to see}. I changed the shoes, added this lovely brocade skirt I wore for Thanksgiving and put my hair down!

{blouse JCrew, headband Chloé, skirt Forever 21, tights Target, jacket Madewell, shoes need to check}

The other day I got some emails about what I was wearing. It made me think more about my blog and how I really don’t consider myself a fashion blogger. But sometimes I do like taking outfit posts. Fashion has just always been something I’m interested in and it’s fun to experiment. So I hope you don’t mind that I will occasionally document some of my more creative fashion moments! And of course I’m open to tips & constructive criticism! Just be nice 🙂

In other news, I have been so tired lately. I’m trying to get to bed earlier which is almost impossible but even when I do I’m exhausted the next day. I still haven’t completely recovered from my cold that I had a couple weeks ago. I have this lingering annoying cough that makes people around me think I’m contagious when I really don’t think I am! And it’s bumming me out that it’s Wednesday. Yes we’re halfway done with the week but TWO more days?! It seems like too many but I know I’ll just have to make it!


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