February 5, 2010


I love that boy, with his head wrapped in his scarf. Such a little babushka.
The thing I miss most about New York was seeing his face every morning and every night.
{I was spoiled}
I loved being in musical mode, singing songs like we were the stars of our own show,
laughing about everything, and sometimes nothing at all
holding hands on the subway,
sneaking kisses on corners to stay warm

Even those little things meant something and now I miss them.
{We only live a block away and it’s just too far sometimes}
I’ll never take those little {or big} moments for granted.

Plans for this weekend include snuggling up & enjoying the rain,
going to a show with my parents {yeah they think they’re cool}
doing some baking & cooking
and obsessing over these puppies a little more!

Have a wonderful weekend loves!