valentine’s day inspiration

February 10, 2010


So I think there are two types of people: those that love Valentine’s Day and those who hate it. I hope everyone loves it at some point though because if you get around the idea that you have to be with someone it can be really special! I remember loving this “holiday” ever since I was in elementary school. I loved making those paper bag mailboxes and leaving little “love notes” in classmates’ bags. Even when I haven’t been in a relationship my family has always used it as an excuse to celebrate our love for each other. We make cookies, write cards and I think it’s pretty cute. Matthew and I are celebrating this year by going up to San Francisco and while we said no big gifts, I want to make him a little something..or at least decorate! And when I need a little inspiration who did I turn to? The mother of all crafting..Martha Stewart!

From top to bottom: Crayon Hearts, Bonbon-Filled Hearts, Handmade Heart Doilies, Heart Shaped Tea Bags, Lacy Votive Holder, King/Queen of Hearts Card, Quiling Stationary, Seed Starter Valentines

I love so many of these! But finding the time might be tricky. My grandma came in town Monday from the East Coast and my mom and I are going to Santa Barbara with her tomorrow and then Friday Matthew and I are heading up to the Bay Area. So much to do in so little time!

This may be my Friday so if I don’t post until next week
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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