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February 3, 2010


So of course I was dead set on checking out as many cupcake shops as we could. The first night we went to Magnolia and the second we went to Billy’s Bakery {both within walking distance!}. Magnolia was great..love their frosting! Billy’s I didn’t like as much. They’re definitely pretty and the frosting was good but I thought the cupcake was too dry and cake-like. I think I’m more of a fan of lighter & more moist cupcakes. Anyone with me? Regardless they were still great!

And then we can’t forget about the pizza..

Back in the day {when Matty G was a rockstar} he lived in New York. He swears by Two Boots, a pizzeria that has many locations across Manhattan. The pizzas all have funny names like Big Maybelle, The Bird, Newman {think Seinfeld} and Earth Mother. I got the Larry Tate with spinach, plum tomatoes and fresh garlic on a white pie. SO good!

Update: Just saw that Two Boots has a location in LA !! Totally made my day/week! I’ll have to see if they can still do it right on the other side of the country though!

Walked around and spotted some lingering snow! It didn’t stay long but the ice did. Luckily I avoided any falls!


P.S. I promise no more pizza posts for awhile !

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