one year ago..

March 26, 2010


We were in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu!

Honestly it seems like SO long ago. So much has happened since then but looking at these pictures really brings me back to the amazing time we had. For Valentine’s Day & our 1 year anniversary Matthew surprised me with tickets to Hawaii over my Spring Break. I’d never been before and I always wanted to go. The whole thing felt so unbelievable and it wasn’t until we were there that it felt real.

I started this blog with a picture of the two of us in Hawaii..and Matthew holding a cane. I don’t think I ever explained that story. One of the things Matthew really wanted to do in Hawaii was teach me how to surf. As nervous/scared as I was I agreed. We went out there amongst a ton of other surfers and trainers {it wasn’t intense waves} and Matthew stepped on coral! He didn’t think it was that bad but he was bleeding really badly. The bottom of his foot had one cut, that looked like a cheese grater {sorry but it’s the best visual!}. The lifeguard wrapped him up and said to stay off it for a couple days and he should be fine. We listened to him and as much as I thought it would be best to go to a doctor Matthew refused. We treated it ourselves and two days later had to go in because it was infected! Poor Matthew had to stay off it, clean it and bandage it heavily twice a day AND stay out of the water. He even got a cane to help him walk. It was so sad because all this boy wanted to do was go in the water and surf. I felt so badly for him but we still had a great time and the surfing will have to happen on our next trip for sure!

A beautiful sunset on our first night there

Two of our friends met up with us on the second half of the trip

driving our Jeep with the top down on a rainy & very windy day!

spot the rainbow?

LOST is filmed on Oahu..can’t you tell?

I’m just a Portuguese girl after some yummy Malasadas!

the gorgeous view from our hotel!

This trip was so special for me and Matthew because we got a lot closer and had so much fun. We had such an amazing time exploring the island, dancing at a luau, looking for turtles, trying to find some good sushi, eating the most amazing Thai food from a truck {!}, daring him to swim in the water at midnight {before his injury}, making multiple runs to KMart {or whatever store that was} for sunblock, towels, cups, postcards, snacks and more sunblock! I realized that my life would be so incomplete without him and that he really makes everything better. Even with a hurt foot he was up for everything and I didn’t mind him leaning on me on our walks. I can’t wait until we’re on those islands again!

Happy Friday everyone! It seems like it got here so fast but I’m glad it did!

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