an EGGcellent easter

April 5, 2010


I hope everyone who celebrated had a lovely Easter weekend! These past four days were fun, but so busy with non-stop cooking, cleaning, and washing & drying dishes. My brother came down for his birthday on Thursday so we had a little party with the family that night and then Saturday Matthew’s parents came up from San Diego for dinner and to go to Easter Vigil mass {first time they met my parents and it went well!!}. We were running out of time to dye eggs so late Saturday night we got to it! We had to have them ready for a little party on Sunday afternoon.

hm maybe brown eggs weren’t the best idea! They definitely didn’t dye as well but I still thought some of the colors turned out nicely. While we are not the most professional Easter egg dyers {I still have dye on my hands although I tried to use gloves} we did manage to pull off some happy faces, hearts, and suns!

Any tips for next year?

P.S. Come back tomorrow for something exciting!!