April 19, 2010


I absolutely LOVE the Food Network channel and one of my new favorite shows is The Best Thing I Ever Ate. It’s a show where the Food Network stars and some well-known chefs talk guessed it.. the best things they ever ate and where they’re from. Each show has a theme like breakfast foods, salts foods, decadent foods, guilty pleasures etc.

I love when one of the featured foods is from LA because then I can go check it out! Matthew and I went to Umami Burger, which is one of Giada De Laurentiis’s “Hometown Favorites.” Umami is the fifth taste and there’s a good description of it here.

I got the signature Umami burger with a portabello mushroom patty, caramelized onions and a Parmesan crisp. It was really good! {My only complaint was that the bun wasn’t crispy enough} Matthew got the Spicy Bird, a special for the day, which was a turkey burger with lots of jalapenos and spicy things! It was perfect with some fries and old fashioned Coca Colas!

yum.. I love food!

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