ginger’s first bath

May 31, 2010


We want Ginger to get used to water so we’re trying to give her bi-monthly baths. She was so confused when we put her in the water. She stood really still at first and then started whimpering and tried to climb out. It wasn’t that bad once we put on the shampoo, which smelled amazing by the way. It had a very herbal smell like rosemary that was so relaxing. I almost wish I could put it in my hair!

{my mom helped}

{ignore my messy bathroom}

Ginger is getting cuter and bigger every day! When we got her she weighed almost 7lbs and now she weighs a little over 8! I’m so curious to see how big she’ll get and what she’ll look like!

I hope you all are having a relaxing Memorial Day!

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