breakfast outside

June 29, 2010


One of my favorite things about summertime is eating outside. It’s a little thing that I absolutely love. One day I can’t wait to have a beautiful backyard like my parents so I can have outdoor parties and picnics.

My mom makes these amazing pancakes and they’re so good. They are light and fluffy and amazing with a little butter and syrup. I could eat plate-fulls but I try to resist {and share!}. I liked making blueberry tacos with them!

Ginger couldn’t have any pancakes so she settled for a leaf as she lounged on Matthew’s feet. Too cute!

My weekend was full of puppy stuff. Ginger got her third round of shots so she’s finally able to go on walks and play with other dogs! She also saw three of her siblings and played with them. It was the cutest thing ever! I can post pictures if anyone is interested although they’re not as nice since puppies aren’t the easiest subjects to work with. I also know some people could care less about dogs {no offense taken} so I don’t want to bombard you with Ginger pictures all the time!

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend!

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