look book: coral and floral

August 6, 2010


You’ve probably noticed but I’ve become obsessed with coral lipstick. It actually looks slightly more orange in person and I just think it’s such a fun color for summer especially when I’m trying to work on my tan! It’s crazy it’s already August. The days in the sun are sadly counting down.

When I went to Vegas I realized my friend Pauline has this exact same dress! The funny thing though is that hers is Exhilaration {Target brand} and mine is Fire Los Angeles. They both have two different tags but the exact same pattern, cut, and detail on the back. I don’t know who ripped who off, or if they both ripped off some other designer, but it’s so sad when creativity can be exploited so easily and without care or consideration for the original creator. I know other stores and companies are guilty of this too but usually there is some slight difference. With this dress we didn’t find one! It’s disheartening that with so many creative and unique designers and artists out there this continues to happen. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this subject? Or know information about the rules of design and production?

dress Fire Los Angeles via TJ Maxx, belt Gap, sandals Marshalls, clutch thrifted, ring Forever 21, cuff Christmas ’09 gift from Matthew

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! I hope it’s sunny and beautiful!