a nighttime bbq

August 12, 2010


Matthew is lucky that his apartment was a pretty cool roof. There’s a communal bbq, a table and chairs, and a jacuzzi {although I’ve been a little nervous to try it out!}. The other week we had a little bbq for our shrimp and cheese quesadillas. I took these pictures of the views, and while they’re not very professional, I kind of like them the way they are.

I know I’m going to look back on these pictures and think, “this was summer!” That’s one thing that’s frustrating about seasons. We spend so much time looking forward to it and once it’s here we can’t stop thinking about the one coming up. And then when it’s gone we miss it! I’m definitely guilty of this too! Recently I’ve been thinking about leaves falling, Halloween costumes, gray wool tights and boots. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to stay in the season as much as I can, despite the fact that our fall is supposed to be pretty summer-like. Oh the joys of California living..


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