a pool party

August 20, 2010


I never finished posting the pictures from my trip to Vegas. My best friends and I got a really great deal on a suite at the Venetian. The best part was having easy access to TAO Beach, although once we got there we realized how small it is! I was SUPER excited when I found out Lauren Conrad was hosting. I have a little girl crush on her so I was really hoping to see her. I even put a braid in my hair a la LC. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures worthy of sharing. She was hidden behind a lot of people in this huge cabana area but I saw her doing press pictures and dancing with friends. It was pretty exciting!

highlight of the day: otter pops!!

blue tongues!

Hanna and I were trying to do a Spice Girls pose and Lizzie and Pauline did KISS?

Best picture I got of her! haha

I hope you all have a great weekend! What are your plans?

Matthew and I are going down to San Diego tomorrow to see his new baby nephew! I can’t wait!