back to college

October 25, 2010


I realized I never posted about going up to Berkeley a couple weekends ago! Since we graduated, my really good friend Mal and I try to go up for at least one game a season {last year I think it was for Homecoming}. This year it was Cal vs. UCLA so I was kinda forced to cheer for both sides since Matthew was a Bruin. He tells me all the time that the Bears and Bruins are best friends and they’re on the same side against USC and Stanford. hmm..I guess so. Mal and I stayed with her good friend Jenna in San Francisco and it was so fun to be there during a big weekend when the whole city was celebrating {the Giants won, Cal won, and Staford won}.

It was so nice to go up and see all my friends who still live in the city and also to spend lots of time with Mal. We were roomies and worked at the same job, so we always say how great it was to live together, work together, study together {me mostly, her not so much}, play together and sleep together {separate beds of course}! It’s hard not seeing someone as much when you’re used to seeing them pretty much 24/7. But, luckily we still make the time!

The winner of the Mr. Kate Bark Ear Cuff is…Illy from Much Love, Illy! Congrats! {send me your info}

I hope everyone had a grrrreat weekend! I’m luckily back on Pacific Standard Time and I’ll be posting about my trip to Pittsburgh tomorrow!