wedding wednesday: some venting & some pretty pictures

October 14, 2010


I had different plans for this Wedding Wednesday post but I decided to switch gears a little bit. I’ve been feeling so frustrated and anxious recently with this whole wedding planning process and I wanted to talk about it a little bit. One of my biggest concerns is how expensive things are. It seems like everything costs more because it’s a wedding, but if it was your grandmother’s 80th birthday party it would be a totally different situation. I want more than anything to have a simple but beautiful wedding and be surrounded by the people I care about most, as I marry my soul mate! I also want for this to be an easy process but I’ve pretty much accepted that it won’t be. While it’s a very special and important day it’s just a day. The thought of how expensive that one day can be is so disheartening! {And it’s really less than a day when you think about it} I can totally understand why couples elope. If I didn’t care about my family as much, or didn’t think it was important for them to be there, I’d probably want to do the same! I’m sorry I’m unloading and venting all of this but it’s a realistic aspect that I needed to share. I’ve been up almost every night for the past two weeks until 1 am so I think it’s finally getting to me. I am going to try to have some “me time,” starting with going to bed early tonight and getting some much needed exercise tomorrow. I feel like all I do is sit in front of a computer! I’m also looking forward to a date night with Matthew this weekend. We have to focus on what’s really getting married and becoming a little family! Matthew has been so great and helpful and I’m so excited to become his wife!

These pictures are from an engagement session taken by 26 Merton Road.
I love how it’s so sweet and whimsical!

Thanks for listening everyone!

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