wedding wednesday: gift registry

November 4, 2010


 Matthew and I went to a registry event at Macy’s the other week and oh my goodness it was sooo overwhelming! I don’t know how couples do it. There was just SO much stuff and I didn’t know where to start. Also, I don’t know what the best knives to buy are, or the most durable plates. I probably said, “I wish my Dad was here!” a hundred times. {He’s the best cook ever!} Also, it’s hard to know what to pick when we don’t know where we’ll be living, or what our place will look like. It was fun to play with the scan gun though! I hope our next time will be a little easier. I’m definitely bringing my parents along!
The first and only thing we put on our list was a Christmas plate! That we will definitely use!
For those engaged/married ones: where did you register? Were certain places better than others? {I heard Target is terrible because of their return gift receipt=lowest price on item}. Any tips worth sharing?
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