look book: tunnel of fun

December 3, 2010


Hard to believe that Thanksgiving was a week ago! I swear time goes by way too fast sometimes. I still can’t believe that 2010 is almost over. That means May 6th, 2011 is right around the corner {eek!}.  I love this time of year though! It was so nice that my brother Anthony was home last weekend but it was way too short. Unfortunately, he spent the majority of his time working on a 10 page paper he had due the Monday after Turkey Day. grr I can’t believe teachers do that! It always annoyed me so much because it’s a day you should be spending with family, not stressing about  school and homework. He’ll be home soon enough though. We have major catching up to do on some of our favorite shows, like Dexter and 30 Rock.
sweater H&M, maroon tank Urban Outfitters, skirt Forever 21, scarf c/o Tulle, leggings American Apparel, necklace from Lizzie from Italy, bracelet from Anthony, boots Steve Madden
I’ve always loved tunnel scarves.. admiring them from afar until the wonderful people at Tulle sent me this one! I love how thick and cozy it is. And quite versatile..hello headwrap 🙂