3/52: A Year of Little Resolutions

January 24, 2011


So last week my resolution of the week was to work on my organization. I relied heavily on a planner while I was in high school and college, and while I do use my iPhone for appointments, I like being able to see months at a time and write notes down. I got this great little Filofax organizer that I can keep in my purse or on my desk. I love the aquamarine color, too! My biggest messy area is my desk since that’s where I spend most of my time. It can be so easy to just let mail stack up and then forget about it, so I bought a desk organizer and some file folders. I made labels like “to do,” “bills,” “finance,” “receipts,” “medical,” and “wedding.” That way, when I get things I can just put them right into the corresponding folder. I know it will make things a lot easier for me and my desk will be so much cleaner! Also, post it notes are becoming my bff.
 ta da! so much more organized!
This week I’m tackling what the majority of people chose as their New Year’s Resolution..getting back to the gym! I have a lot of motivation to get fit and toned {hello, wedding in 4 months!} so I’m ready to get back in there! I already have a couple hikes planned for this week and I’m going to do some strength training at the gym with my hot trainer aka the fiance! Wish me luck!
Are any of you going to do a little resolution this week? If so, tell me about it!
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