wedding wednesday: update

January 6, 2011


Wanna know something absolutely crazy? The wedding is exactly 4 months away! {Oh my gosh just typing that I think I had a mini heart attack} Time has really gone by SO fast! I knew as soon as the holidays were over I would need to get my butt in gear and boy was I right! I decided to give you guys an update of where I am with planning. So the basics are taken care of {date, venue, caterer, photographer}, but there are some other very important components that are missing. The dress for one! That’s the major one. I’m really struggling finding something that I love that’s also affordable. I’ve given myself a deadline of January 15th though so I better have it by then, or my mom might kill me! We also need to find someone to make the cake..although my best friend and I have tossed around the idea of making it ourselves. It would be a crazy, but fun, challenge, although maybe too much pressure. We also need to find a videographer, plan the honeymoon, and take care of a lot of little details. I’m so glad I have people closeby to help or else I might go crazy. My best friend/maid of honor and I did a really cool project when she was in town and I’m dying to share it with you, but I might wait. As much as I want to share all the fun little projects on here, I might save it until after the wedding. I’m taking lots of pictures along the way so I can give tutorials, though. I just want some things to remain a surprise especially since family and friends know about the blog. That goes for the dress too. Matthew would have a hard time not peeking if I post it!  I really think planning a wedding is like putting together a big puzzle. You put little the pieces together to create the whole picture. I’m definitely looking forward to standing back and being like, “phew, I’m done, I made it and now I’m married!”
Those engaged/married: What aspects took the longest to plan? Did any little things come up that you didn’t expect? Or did some things take longer than expected? 
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