wedding wednesday: a night off

February 16, 2011


So this isn’t really a post about wedding stuff but one more about the importance of taking breaks during the stressful planning process. Matthew and I have really needed those nights where we’re not talking about cake, djs, or those DIY projects. Wedding words have to be off limits. When Matthew suggested going to a basketball game I was all for it. Well, kinda of. It was a Clipper game, which is the other LA basketball team. Thought the Lakers ruled LA? Well, they do, but they’re not the only team who call the Staples Center home. It was fun to wear the team colors {red and blue I learned} and be around tons of excited fans but as soon as I got there I was kind of over it. Caramel corn, best snack ever, was probably the highlight for me. It took me a full two quarters before I thought to see who the Clippers were playing, and another quarter to even pay attention to who was winning. While basketball may not be my thing, I really enjoyed having a night off to just have fun with Matthew.
woohoo sports! Luckily Matthew isn’t a big sports guy or else I might be in trouble. 
No just kidding. I’m sure I’d learn to love it!
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