8/52: A Year of Little Resolutions

March 1, 2011


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yay I’m back!! This week was really REALLY hard! My plan was to take the week off from blogging, twitter, and facebook. I didn’t update, although I wanted to many times. I tried to stay off the internet as much as I could but by the weekend it was a little tough. I really missed you guys!  I’ve decided life without blogging pretty much sucks! The one good thing was that I was super productive during the week. Here’s what I was up to..
Researched florists and I think I found our guy! Tulips have always been one of my faves. 
Scored an amazing tweed Ralph Lauren blazer for $12! And it was in my size! best.find.ever.
With Matthew out of town, and my parents out to a play, I decided to make myself a fancy little dinner. I thought I’d just order pizza but with all the Food Network I watched this week I decided to go all out with aglio e olio pasta, asparagus with lemon zest, grilled garlic bread, salad and lemon water. I even pulled the chair out for myself!
On Saturday it hailed in LA! There was ice all over my car and it was the strangest but coolest thing ever! I’ll be honest, I was dreaming about sledding down my street and building snowmen. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and the next day blue skies abound.
Ate a copious amount of Girl Scout Cookies. My weaknesses are Samoas and Tagalongs, what about you? I may or may not have scarfed down a whole box in the first day, plastic tray not included.
And of course, I redid my blog design with the help of the amazing and wonderful Kelly Ann! I’ve been planning on doing this for some time. Kelly  took my ideas and made them into something way more perfect than I could have ever come up with! She is a super talented designer who now works with Freckled Nest. She’s also just one of the loveliest people in the blog-o-sphere! Go check out her blog and get ready to be inspired! Thank you so so much Kelly!
This week my resolution is to be a little more fearless. Sometimes I get so concerned with what other people might think that I let that negatively affect me. Especially when it comes to my blog. When I first started blogging I didn’t tell anyone about it, not even close friends and family, because I was worried about what they would think. Of course now they all know and they’re super supportive, but there are some people out there, people who I have called friends in the past, who just happen to like putting people down. I see the good in them, but then I also know about their “mean girl” side.  I’m going to try this week to be more confident in myself and not let these worries affect who I am.
I’m so excited to be back and I want you all to know how grateful I am to have you here as readers! 
You’ve sent me the sweetest emails, and left the kindest comments, and I am more thankful than ever
to be a part of this great blogging community!