look: full skirt ahead

March 17, 2011


I love full knee length skirts! They instantly make me feel like a lady. I’ve been dying to wear this Ralph Lauren blazer that I found at a thrift store for $6! My mom said my look was very “East Coast professional” which I thought was very cute!
blouse c/o Queen’s Wardrobe, skirt J. Crew, jacket thrifted Ralph Lauren, shoes Jessica Simpson, purse Coach via ebay
Yesterday I met Matthew in Santa Monica to go to a dinner event for his job. Since we had a couple hours to kill we drove around looking for apartments. Apartment searching is my absolute least favorite thing to do. It’s always so surprising how much people charge for these small, old and outdated places. I guess you’re paying for the location but charging upwards to $2,100 for a one bedroom apartment is criminal. And I don’t understand why places will have a For Rent sign out and not list the price right there. You’d think it would save everyone time, since we wouldn’t call if it was out of our price range and they wouldn’t have to deal with people calling all the time asking how much the place costs. Siiiiigh. Oh well. Mini rant over.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 
I’m sending all of you not wearing green a little pinch. And you can pinch me back since I’m not wearing green in this outfit, although I am today. Promise!