three years.

March 8, 2011


Today is a very special day because it marks three years from the night I met Matthew. We pretty much started dating right afterwards–he called me two days later, we went on a tea date a couple days after that, and by the next weekend we went on an official dinner date– so this is the date we’re always celebrated. March 8th will always stand out as one to remember, even after we’re married. 
Here is some back story for those who are interested. I guess we were kind of “set up” through a mutual friend, Alice, although it was a lot more casual than that. Alice had told us about the other and we knew we were going to meet a certain night in San Francisco when our friends were getting together. I remember how that afternoon my friends were kind of hesitant about going into the city and it was like pulling teeth trying to convince them that it would be fun. We were laying out on the roof tanning and for some reason I got burned! When I think that it was March in the Bay Area it’s kind of shock, considering it’s always so cold up there especially in March. But I digress.. I was worried about looking like a lobster with my red skin, but hoped it wouldn’t be too noticeable if the place had darker lighting. {This is kind of funny now considering Matthew is always the one turning red in the sun- although he likes to deny it!}. I was sitting at a table with a couple friends, looking around, and then I saw this adorable guy walk in. I thought to myself, “That guy is SO cute! I really really hope that’s him.” I lost track of him and luckily, about 10 minutes later, he approached our table with a group of other friends. I remember him reaching across the table to shake my hand as if it was yesterday. I definitely felt this crazy connection right from the beginning and I learned later that so did he! So much has happened within the last three years, especially the last one. A year ago we were celebrating as boyfriend and girlfriend, this year as fiances, and next year we will be celebrating a totally different day as husband and wife. So as our last dating anniversary, pre-wedding anniversaries, I have to give a little shout out to this guy that I love so much. 
Matthew, you truly are an amazing person {hehe he said that to me after our first date}, you make me so incredibly happy, and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead. Thank you for loving me, being my best friend, and the best co-puppy parent! 
I love you so much!
photo from our anniversary last year