easter sunday

April 25, 2011


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend! Mine was filled with family time, yummy food and a silly puppy! I woke up to the smell of my mom’a Portuguese sweet bread. It’s a recipe from my Grandma and it’s always a special Easter tradition. She also baked this delicious almond pastry! Matthew and I decided to give Ginger a bath because she was starting to smell very doggie! I filled myself up with so much delicious food and candy, and Matthew passed out around 7:30 because of a sugar coma. haha! It hit my mom and me a couple hours later, but only after we caught up with the last two episodes of Vampire Diaries {I have to say that show is getting better and better..Do any of you watch it?}.
Last week my little resolution was to start meditating. It was definitely a little hard to incorporate into my schedule, just because I’ve been so busy, but when I carved out the time it helped me so much. Those minutes alone really help me really focus during the rest of my day. I’ve noticed that my stress levels have been pretty good..no wedding meltdowns yet! I’m trying to take it one day at a time and meditating has helped keep me calm.
For this next week I’m going to clean my computer, specifically my email. I desperately need to start unsubscribing to some email newsletters. The thought of coming back from Italy with a massive inbox is enough to make me want to temporarily delete my account. I’m going to go through and see which emails I really want to receive and which ones I always just delete before reading. I started this the other day and but then I kept second guessing my “delete” list. Also I might be little behind on backing up my files. Computer, get ready for some spring cleaning!