wedding wednesday: a special MOH guest post!

April 14, 2011


Hi everyone! This is Lizzie, Mara’s BFF and MOH (maid of honor). I am writing this week’s Wedding Wednesday post to shed some light on the wild and crazy world of a maid of honor. Seriously, people really do think I am crazy now! I take my role very seriously, seeing as Mara and I have been planning our weddings together since the first grade. One thing you should know – Mara is the furthest thing in the world away from a Bridezilla. However, I think we have all realized that I’m a little bit of a MOHzilla (I apologize once again to my fellow bridesmaids, Hanna and Pauline).
This past weekend, we had the honor of throwing Mara a bridal shower. Matthew called me back in September to get my blessing before proposing to Mara, and since that phone call, I have been thinking, planning, making lists, etc. So I really was planning this before they were even engaged! One thing I have always known is that I wanted Mara to have the most beautiful and love-filled shower. I knew right away that I wanted the shower to be a tea party. When we were little, our mothers took us up to Santa Barbara for an American Girl doll tea party and fashion show. I remember eating cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches with Mara and our dolls, Felicity and Samantha. It is one of my favorite memories of our friendship. Also, when Mara would come over for playdates, we would set out a miniature tea set in the living room, fill it up with marshmallows, hot chocolate, and other treats and watch episodes of I Love Lucy. So I knew it was time to have a real, grown-up tea party.
I decided the inspiration for the tea party was “Jane Austen meets Alice in Wonderland.” Hanna, Pauline, and Barbara (mother-of-the-bride) came on board and were so patient and helpful through the entire process. We knew we wanted everything to be as homemade and DIY as possible, because we thought it would be more special for Mara. You can see some of the pictures I pulled inspiration from here. Let’s just say, I have become very well acquainted with all the thrift stores and flea markets in San Diego collecting vintage teacups, teapots, and china and my eBay iPhone app is my new second best friend (beside M of course).
I can’t wait for you all to see the pictures from the shower next week. I really had soooo much fun planning, decorating, and executing. It really turned out exactly as I had imagined it and I am so happy I could do this for my best friend. If there are any other MOHs out there, I have three keys to success: organization, a great bridal party that doesn’t mind you barking orders at them, and a lot of love for the bride. Mara, I love you soooo much and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together (Matthew, you did know when you proposed to Mara that you really are marrying both of us, right?)


xoxo Lizzie
inspiration photos from here and here