Guest Post: Kimberly Genevieve

May 23, 2011


good morning lovelies, my name is kim (from kimberly geneviève). it is an absolute joy to be guest posting for mara while she enjoys her italian honeymoon with matthew.  for those of you who don’t know me, I am an avid photographer, a road-trip-er, a traveller, a positive thinker, a juicer, a food taster ,and a serious music lover. my boyfriend andre and i have been together since my senior year of high school.  we should probably be married by now, but we’re simply too busy living our lives like rockstars.  besides taking photographs together, we enjoy road-triping around the united states.  this country has so much beauty.  we’ve driven through 42 states, some much more interesting than others. 
below are some of our most recent adventures together. i hope you enjoy 🙂

01. the open road. death valley  02. true love. valley of fire 03. clear mind. mount st. helene 04. holga. somewhere between los angeles + santa barbara 05. sugar lips. top pots. seattle 06. top pots. seattle 07. graceland. memphis. tennessee 08. a full day of walking. san francisco 09. tuesday morning market. oregon 10. vegan sweets. voodoo doughnuts 11. promenading. new york city 12. wine tasting. napa valley 13. napa restaurant 14. kurt cobain’s bench. seattle 15. french quarter. new orleans 16. peaches. cafe flora

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