guest post: summertime, by olivia.

May 18, 2011


Hi! I’m Olivia and I blog over at Everyday Musings about food and travel and dinner parties and brunch and my charming home, Charleston. Come August, I’m leaving my beloved home to spend some invaluable time traveling and living in new places (more about my upcoming adventures here and here).

Summertime is always my favorite time, but this year it seems even more special since I’m leaving so soon. Here are a few things that have defined my summer thus far (I think it’s going to be a great one).

1. Roasted veggie porch dinners with friends, where candles are a must.
family dinner

2. Days spent on empty beaches at Sullivan’s Island.

3. Mexican food, every single day. I’m finding it difficult to go 24 hours without a margarita.
mexican food, every day

4. With Mexican food comes giant sombreros, clearly.

5. Big Italian feasts on patios under string lights, with lots of cheersing and dancing.
pretty, european-feeling patio

6. Hikes in dresses on a farm in the foothills of Arkansas.
 hike to the mysterious indian caves

7. Chocolate lavender macarons, homemade by my little sister.
chocolate lavender macarons

8. Random adventures on golf courses documented by goofy self-timer shots.
goofy self-timer shot on the ocean course

9. Mint and basil vegetable garden rolls.
spring rolls and dipping sauce

10. Abandoned sunsets too pretty to be real.