Things I Missed While I Was In Italy

May 30, 2011


Don’t get me wrong, Italy was absolutely beautiful and there were days where Matthew and I were talking seriously about moving there {like making business plans and everything}. Being back, however, I realized how much I missed while I was gone. All these little things and more, make me super happy to be back home!
American Breakfasts. In Italy breakfast consists of a cappuccino and pastry item. Amazing, yet not completely satisfying. I craved big American breakfasts of eggs, pancakes, and french toast!
No Smoking Areas. SO many people smoke in’s actually the thing that bothered me most while we were there. I hate walking through clouds of cigarette smoke. Luckily you can’t smoke indoors but when you want to eat outdoors on the patio {which we almost always did}, the smoking can practically ruin your meal.
Iced Drinks. I didn’t see any iced coffee drinks in Italy, which was fine, but something I definitely missed on a hot day. Some days it was 85 degrees so drinking a hot espresso didn’t always sound appealing. 
Ginger. I missed my little puppy so much! There were a lot of cute dogs in Rome but none looked like my Ginger. I couldn’t wait to get home and hold this furry little thing. I took her to the groomer’s yesterday so she got extra clean and fluffy!
Sushi. Oh, did I miss sushi. Matthew and I normally have Saturday night sushi dates so I was definitely craving it. We did have some incredible seafood in Positano but nothing beats sushi from our favorite neighborhood spot.
My new ring. Matthew gave me this gorgeous rose gold ring the night before the wedding and I love it so much. It’s absolutely beautiful! I wanted to keep it safe so I left it at my parent’s house while we were gone. I’m so glad I can wear it now!
Blogging. Boy, oh boy, did I miss blogging! It’s amazing to be back posting again. I can’t wait to get caught up with all your blogs! So many big things have happened in the blogging world with engagements, weddings, pregnancies, and moves. I feel so behind! I’ve missed you guys a lot a lot!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 
Let’s remember all those brave U.S. Service Members who died fighting for our freedom and safety. 
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