look book: star of jasmine

June 16, 2011


Star of jasmine is one of my favorite flowers. Or maybe it’s considered a plant? Or maybe even a vine? Regardless, it’s beautiful and has such a fragrant smell. Star of jasmine covers the gate going into my parents house so it always makes homecomings that much sweeter. Whenever I see it somewhere else I immediately think of home. When Matthew and I found this patch the other day we had to take some photos and breathe it in.
blouse Forever21-old, skirt Urban Outfitters, sweater Madewell, shoes Seychelles, purse Coach via ebay
Still no word on the apartment. The lady said she’d know by tomorrow so we’re still keeping our fingers crossed, although we’re not holding our breath. If we don’t get this one I know we’ll find the right one soon enough. I just can’t wait to really unpack and get settled into “our” home. It will be such a nice relief! 
Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!
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