look book: sweet vanilla

June 29, 2011


One thing you should know about me..I am not a hat person! In high school I tried to make the baseball hat look as effortlessly cute as it did on the other girls {then there was the Trucker Hat failure..but that was a failure for everyone wasn’t it?} and in college I tried to pull off the fedora. No luck! They really just looked weird on me. My friends all agree that I cannot pull off the hat- and then I end of giving them the ones I bought in earnest. This hat, on the other hand, gives me some hope. It’s bigger and wider and it doesn’t look as awkward on my head. {I’m convinced I must have a weird shaped head for those other hats}. This hat is perfect for summer and lounging in the sun. It’s dermatologist approved! 
blouse and belt thrifted, skirt c/o Chloe Loves Charlieshoes Jessica Simpson, purse Forever 21, hat and necklace J. Crew, sunglasses 80s Purple

Wondering what the cupcake is doing there? Well, I didn’t realize it at the time but perhaps this cupcake from earlier in the day inspired my outfit. White on top, pink on bottom. hmm that’s about right! Also, I’m feeling like a sweet tooth monster today. Need.cupcakes&cookies&cakes.now! 
Hope you all have a sweet day!
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