how to: low braided bun

July 8, 2011


Who is sick of this hot and humid weather? me me me! I can’t stand how gross my hair gets so I’ve been pulling it back into this low braided bun. I got some questions about it after I wore my hair this way in this post.  It is ridiculously easy {seriously, it will take you less than 5 minutes}, but it looks polished and chic. No one will know the real reason you’re doing it is to avoid getting sweaty hair! gross, right?
Step 1: Park hair down middle or off to the side {your preference}, and separate into two sections. Braid one section.

 Step 2: Secure ends with a rubber band. I like the clear ones because they’re not as noticeable, so un-noticeable in fact that I dropped the second one I was planning on using and couldn’t find it!

 Step 3: Braid the second section.
 Step 4: Take one braid and twist it around into a circle on your head
Step 5: Pin it with bobby pins as you go
 Step 6: Do the same thing with the second braid. Make it into a loop, nestled inside the circle made from the first braid. {Does that make sense?} It’s kind of like making a pretzel.
Feel free to take some hair out by your face for a more casual look. 
It stayed in for me all day with the help of some bobby pins but you can always spray it with some hairspray.
Ta Da! You did it! Easy right? 

In other news I did a meet and greet feature with Le Mode Accessories that will be up Monday but I couldn’t help giving you a sneak peak! You can click here to see some of the pieces I modeled. I especially loved this canvas bag and the beautiful necklace!

So glad this was a short week and the weekend is here! Any fun plans?

oh and I guest posted for my friend Jenny May! 
I posted about some of my favorite trips!
Go check it out 🙂