how to: pack light for a two week trip

July 6, 2011


I have been meaning to post this for weeks but I still think it’s better late than never. I’ve gotten several questions asking how I packed for our two week honeymoon to Italy. You all should be so proud of me because I was the lightest packer ever! I packed less than Matthew, which even surprised him! The trick was picking items that I knew would go together in a lot of different ways. You can see that while I packed a couple striped shirts, I didn’t chose any patterned bottoms because I wanted to make sure each top would go with each bottom. {I was also motivated to pack light because I was thinking about the clothes and presents I might find in Italy hehe}

shirts {LtoR}: Forever 21, American Apparel, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters
pants: J.Crew black Minnie Pants, Urban Outfitters BDG jeans
shorts: J. Crew
skirt: J.Crew
dress: c/o Ruche
scarf: Tory Burch
jacket: H&M
sweaters: Madewell and J.Crew
swimsuit: Vix Swimwear
sunnies: 80s Purple
shoes: Palladium, Michael Kors, Marshalls

Luckily we were able to wash our clothes once during the trip, while we were in the countryside, so that helped with the underwear situation. I know it’s probably gross to think I only had two pairs of shoes to walk around in for two weeks but at least the Palladiums had some good support. I didn’t get one blister! 
Do you tend to pack light or heavy on trips? 
I’m luckily getting better with shorter trips by planning my outfits in advance.