happy veggie

August 19, 2011


The other night Matthew and I decided to have a midweek date night. My fave! He LOVES pho soup and so do but it’s been hard to find a good veggie pho in LA. Most of them have beef in them I think. Anyways, we were researching places and heard about this amazing veggie pho place a couple miles from our apartment called Happy Veggie. Let me just say I was one happy veggie 🙂

The thing I love about pho is that it’s so customizable. No two are the same, unless you leave them how they are served. They bring you a big plate of bean sprouts, basil, and different sauces to make it your own. Matthew’s is always super spicy and mine is pretty mild in comparison, but still really good. Noodle soup is just so yummy and good! Gets me excited for fall and winter!

I hope you all have a happy happy weekend!