I Survived a Cleanse! {and so can YOU!}- CLOSED

September 2, 2011


So if you follow me on twitter you know that I did an organic juice cleanse these past couple days. Actually 3 days. I still can’t believe I did it for that long. I loooove food so much {and the cleanse confirmed that} but I’ve always been interested in trying one out. My best friend did The Master Cleanse in college which sounds terrible to me because it’s basically lemon, cayenne and maple syrup. And that’s what you drink aaaaalll  day. Yuck! Still something about a cleanse sounded like a good idea, especially after all the bad/good eating I did in Vegas. I did some research and decided to try Ritual Cleanse which is an all organic juice cleanse. If you like green smoothies than you’ll love this because three times a day you’re drinking kale, romaine, celery, cucumber and green apple. There’s also a delicious mango, pineapple drink, as well as a spicy lemonade, and an “horcata” drink as the last of the day with ground cashews, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and agave. Not so bad right? All in all I’m happy I did it- I think my body needed a little reset. I felt like I had a lot more energy and I was able to focus more, too. But boy oh boy did I miss chewing! haha it’s the random things, right? 
I contacted Ritual Cleanse and they so kindly offered to give away a 1-day Seasonal Reset Cleanse and 1-day Shred giveaway {geared towards those who like to work out}. If you’re interested leave a comment and I’ll pick the winner next Friday September 9th. Easy right? The hard part will be resisting those donuts and curly fries. Or maybe that was just me 🙂
I’m looking to a fun, food-filled 3 day weekend! What about you? How are you spending Labor Day?
Oh and if you’re interested in the Ritual Cleanse you can get 10% off with promo code “mlovesmreader” woo hoo!

UPDATE: The winner is..Alicia! Congrats 🙂