look book: beating the season

September 28, 2011


LA has been such a tease with these cold mornings leading into these hot days. I am so ready for fall and all I want to do is wear houndstooth, plaid, wool… hmm what other fall textures are there? Anyways, I end up sweating during the afternoons {gross!} but feeling all fall for 5 minutes every morning is almost worth it. I might not be able to do a full fall transition right now but little by little I’m getting there! Especially with my cute new Fall booties!
shirt J. Crew, skirt thrifted J.Crew {!}, blazer thrifted necklace Forever 21, green ring c/o LeMode, cuff gift from Matthew, shoes c/o Blowfish
I might be able to blame the West Coast with being behind in the season but I’m blaming myself on being behind in the times. Let me explain. Did you know that there’s an iPhone 5 coming out? I’m guessing most of you will be like, “Of course. I live in 2011,” but I had no idea.  Like, no idea! I didn’t even know it was a possibility, maybe because I’m still stuck in 3G world, but it pretty much blew my mind. I’m thinking of ways to convince Matthew to let me get it. My phone doesn’t hold a battery, the photos are so terrible, it will make me a better wife blah blah blah. The only thing is that he ups me with a “I don’t even have an iPhone,” emphasis on the “I.” It’s going to be a battle. Wish me luck. 
Yesterday I was featured on Google’s Blog post about the new dynamic views. 
You can see mine in Flipcard here. What do you guys think about it? Would you use it?
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