diy: frame + pegboard = jewelry board

November 30, 2011


Moving into our apartment has been so much fun! I have loved decorating it and making it our own. One big thing to get used to was merging my closet with Matthew’s. We lucked out because our closet is a walk-in {small, but still a walk-in}. so he gets one side and I get the other. At the end of the closet is an empty wall and I wasn’t sure if I should hang a photo there or what. Then, realizing the hassle of leaving my closet every morning in search of a certain necklace, I had an idea! I decided to make a jewelry organizer that could hang on that wall so  while I was getting dressed I could easily pick out the perfect accessory!

Here’s how I made it:

one frame {my brother and I found this one for $2 at a garage sale}
one piece of pegboard {you can find it at a local hardware store and if you’re nice they’ll even cut to your specific measurements}
paint of choice
pegboard hooks {also found at local hardware store}
a hammer and nails

Paint the frame with your color of choice. {I chose a baby blue}. You can spraypaint the pegboard if you like, or leave it brown. I wanted to make it into a gold glitter board. Allow to dry overnight.

Fit pegboard into frame and adjust into place. My frame had prongs on the back, which made it easy.

Hammer a nail into the wall to hang new jewelry board. Fit pegboard hooks into the holes and tada! start hanging your favorite necklaces!

So easy right?! I’m proud that this was my first DIY in the apartment!

How do you store your jewelry?