look book: ruffles and lace

January 12, 2012


This has probably been the longest I’ve worn my glasses ever! It’s almost been 10 days nonstop and while I like that I don’t have to clean my contacts each night, it’s becoming a little much for me. I’ve been taking these non-preservative eye drops and I’m hoping that over the weekend I can transition back to my contacts. I just like the freedom of being able to wear my glasses when I want, and not being told by a doctor that it’s a “must.” Moderation is a good thing, though, so I’m sure I’ll be switching back and forth every now and again.  
top J.Crew, skirt Urban Outfitters {similar one}, shoes Forever 21, sweater c/o Ruche
Do any of you watch Downton Abbey? I’m so excited that the second season just started! It was my favorite show last year and 7 episodes weren’t enough. If you like British period pieces you should watch it! The first season started after the Titanic sank and ended on the start of WWI. Soo good!!
Have a great day everyone!