look book: rugby

January 10, 2012


It was so cool to get a package from Rugby Ralph Lauren with this sequined tunic and these brown leggings inside! These leggings are so super comfy and the tunic makes a great statement. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so wearing something that’s comfy, but still cute, makes me feel a little better!
 sequin tunic and leggings Rugby by Ralph Lauren c/o Vogue Influencer Network, jacket J.Crew, boots Old Navy
I think I’ve only done one post with my glasses on {here} but you’re going to be seeing some more over the next few weeks. My eye doctor says I have extremely dry eyes and until I can get them under control with some antibiotics and eye drops I’ll have to hold off on wearing my contacts. I’m not too crazy about it but it’s my only option right now, considering I’m pretty blind otherwise. I think I’ll need to get some new cute frames if I’m going to be going four eyes for awhile.
I hope you all are starting the week off right!