look book: back in black

February 2, 2012


I love black jeans but every time I wear them I can’t help but feeling a little rocker-ish. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to lighter colors in general? And I do have a slight obsession with anything pink. Buuut  I just so happened to have this pretty awesome oversized jacket in this kind of rose, fuchsia color.. ok it’s really pink. And it belonged to this older musician who lived in my neighborhood and held a garage sale. I’m pretty sure he was a rockstar in his own right. {Yes, boys wear pink}. So I thought it was perfect! With all this rambling you can take away that this was the day I decided to be a pseudo rockstar, wear sparkly black jeans, buy/find a silver winnebago, and sing to my heart’s delight!
blouse Ruche {old}, jeans c/o J.Brand, blazer yard sale!, glasses c/o Bonlook, shoes Blowfish
Since my music career probably won’t last long, I’ll be back tomorrow!
Happy Thursday!
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