photos from chicago

April 6, 2012


Last week I went to Chicago for the first time! While I was there for work, we were able to squeeze in some fun {and lots of eating!}. We joked that the whole trip revolved around food, from waking up at 5:30 Chicago time on the first day to make it to breakfast {when it still felt like 3:30 am}, to deep dish pizza at Gino’s East for lunch, and Girl and the Goat for dinner! We ate at some amazing places and my stomach definitely stretched out a little bit! Walking around the city was fun too! I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the city. I swear I didn’t see one piece of trash or cigarette butt on the streets. Chicago has their maintenance down, and LA could take some pointers! Also, the people were so friendly and sweet. I’m dying to go back with Matthew. Maybe we can squeeze in a weekend trip sometime this summer!
buyers in crime
 XOCO for a late lunch our second and last day!
 churros!! I was being good for Lent so I didn’t have any but I heard they were amazing!!
sigh can’t wait to go back! Have any of you ever been to Chicago? What did you think?