diy: blue table lamps

May 31, 2012


I’ve always loved interior design so I couldn’t wait to move into an apartment with Matthew and start decorating. I’ve found that the challenge is oftentimes finding exactly what you want, and for the right price. For example, I’ve had my eye on these pale blue lamps for our bedroom. The problem was that they were almost $200 a piece! I tried finding a cheaper one but after months of searching I just wanted to have our bedroom put together. I decided if I couldn’t find it, maybe I could make it. So I headed to IKEA, the most affordable home furnishing store, and picked up two white lamps. $20 each. This was an easy and cheap DIY, which won’t make me feel bad if a year down the road I want different color lamps!

2 lamps
1 tube of paint, color of choice
1 Acrylic Sealer {I used the Modge Podge one from this DIY}
1 paint brush

Tape of parts of lamp you don’t want to be painted {cords, neck, etc.}
Apply 1 coat of paint, let dry and then apply second coat.
After 24 hours spray sealer. Let dry before assembling and placing in desired location.

Easy, Cheap, and Cute. The DIY Trifecta in my book!
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