non colors

November 30, 2012


It seems like whenever the weather drops below 65° it’s hard to wear anything but pants. I always feel like I’ll be too cold in a dress, even if I am wearing tights. Mostly I suffer through, and I do live in LA so it’s really not that bad! But let me tell you, your body definitely gets used to the typical temperatures. When I lived in the Pacific Northwest everyday during the winter was the coldest I’d ever experienced. It even snowed! But then my body got used to it, and I had a new threshold, until I moved back down here. This is turning into quite the tangent but what I wanted to say, like 5 sentences ago, is that sometimes it’s important to dress up pants with a pair of boots of heels. Luckily us West Coast girls can sometimes get away with open toed heels! Again, it’s not that bad and I’m not really complaining!
blouse c/o Quiksilver Women, sweater Urban Outfitters {similar 1 and 2}, pants Urban Outfitterssunglasses Tom Ford {similar}, clutch Banana Republic, necklace Ettikawatch c/o Daniel Wellington, cross bracelet Ettika, chain bracelet Lauren Elan, ring Karen Londonshoes c/o ShoeMint
I love the print of this blouse and how it adds a little uniqueness to my otherwise solid outfit. The black and white color story has always been one of my favorites so I thought it would be fun to switch it up with a little cream instead. 
Have a great weekend everyone!