5 years dating

March 8, 2013


Today is one of my favorite days! It’s March 8th. 5 years ago today, or I should say tonight, Matthew and I met for the first time. We’d both heard bits about the other from our friend Alice so the night was just slightly anticipated. My group of friends and I had laid out on what was a rare sunny day in Berkeley. We all got a little burned {me especially}, but I wasn’t going to let that affect our plans. It was quite the task convincing my heat-exhausted friends to go out in San Francisco that night, but I did it! I remember seeing Matthew across the room and hoping that it was him because he was wearing a striped button up and a black skinny tie. He also had a little stubble on his face and all my friends knew that I liked the “scruffers.” I remember when he came over and I stood up from the table to shake his hand. I was kind of in shock and even at that moment I knew something amazing had just happened. I met him! When it was just the two of us talking for the first time he asked me what felt at the time to be a silly question, “What’s your major?” I don’t know what question I was expecting but in retrospect, yeah, that’s a pretty normal one. I unfortunately don’t remember the majority of what we talked about since it was a little loud where we were, and also because I couldn’t get over this guy. Those eyes.. sigh. Probably a good thing he didn’t ask me any real questions because I would have been like, “Um sorry can you repeat that? Stupid girl over here.” When my friends and I went to leave I remember Matthew asked if he could get my number, saying he’d really love to take me out for coffee sometime. He kissed me on the cheek, which I thought was silly at the time, but so sweet and so Matthew. He called promptly two days later for a coffee date, which ended up being a tea date, and then two days after that it was a dinner date. I really hope I never forget all the sweet details from the beginning of our relationship. 
Matthew, happy five years of dating and to never stopping! I love you to the moon and back!

photo taken by Jose Villa
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