black and white in black and white

March 29, 2013


Since I was only wearing black and white, I figured losing the color for these photos wouldn’t matter much. The only thing you’re missing out on is seeing my pretty coral nail polish. But let’s can pretend, ok? Black and white outfits are so simple to pull together; they’re minimalist and yet still look like you tried a little bit- the perfect amount. I love that this blouse has a pretty collar and bow. It almost reminds me of what Madeline would wear, if she decided to ditch the navy for a day. {P.S. Didn’t you love that series growing up? Sigh I always wanted to be that cute little French girl going on adventures!} I love these snow leopard heels that Matthew got me for Christmas. They’re so classic and the perfect height for my everyday adventures. 
shirt Crossroads Trading, skirt Express {similar}, shoes Vince Camuto, glasses Drink the Kool-Aid Walnut Eyeglasses purse Coach {similar}

Lately life has been anything but black and white. It’s been extremely busy, slightly stressful and just a little confusing. I feel like I’m desperately ready for some changes in my life {and have been ready for awhile} but I’m not quite sure how to make them. Have you ever gotten to that breaking point, where you feel like you have to do something otherwise you might just have a breakdown? I’m going to go with yes, because I know I’ve been there before too. Those tipping points, as nerve-wracking as they can be, are also opportunities for change- good change. Matthew has been the one thing keeping me from going over the edge but I’m hoping I can take this weekend to reevaluate my life a little bit, gain some perspective and hopefully make some adjustments that will get me back on track!

Happy Easter weekend to all those celebrating! And happy Passover to my Jewish friends!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about eating sweets on Easter morning. I might even have some at midnight! Cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, ice cream- I want them all in my belly! It’s only going to be slightly disgusting. {Don’t judge!}

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