at work: Ruche Back to School Feature

August 8, 2013


Ruche’s Back to School feature Take Note launched on Monday and it’s one of my favorites yet! Maybe because it references one of my favorite times of year. Being the big nerd that I was I’d get so excited for back to school shopping. There were new backpacks, shoes, pens, pencils and binders. Not to mention new highlighters in pretty neon colors and a brand new white out! Yes, these were things I got very giddy about. Styling this shoot I couldn’t help but wish I could go back to school as this girl. She has perfect hair, tan summer skin, and a killer wardrobe. I’d either want to be her, or at least her best friend. Somehow I’d need to wear these clothes! The homework, tests, and coming of age challenges I can do without!
To see the full feature click here, and to shop the outfits you can go here
Some of my pieces I’d most love to wear are the following:
Also, notice my chambray + printed pants inspiration? I couldn’t help it!
Photography by Brandon Kidd
Styling by me!
Hair and Makeup by Sparkle Tafao
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